Daisily Doily mini-CAL (part 2)

Daisily Doily mini-CAL (part 2)
If you haven't read about this mini CAL, you can read all information about it here (click)

This is day 2 for #DaisilyDoily mini-CAL (round 3 & 4). Hope you enjoy it 🌼

Pattern :

Rnd 3 : {attach color C with a slst in any petal's corner (in ch-2 space or in the 1st/2nd ch} (ch 8, slst in 5th ch from the hook (ch-5 sp made), ch 3, slst in next petal) repeat 12 times. Fasten off. [12 ch-5 sp] 

Rnd 4 : {attach color C with a slst in any ch-5 sp} ch 2 + 2-dc- cluster in same place (count as 3-dc-cluster), ch 2, (3-dc-cluster + ch 2) 2 times in same place, ((3-dc-cluster + ch 2) 3 times in the next ch-5 sp) repeat 11 times, slst in the first 3-dc-cluster. Fasten off. [36 3-dc-cluster, 36 ch-2 sp] 

If you are on Instagram, don't forget to use hastag #DaisilyDoily to be featured and feel free to tag me @inascraft
I'm happy to see all your blooming daisy 🌼

You can also add this project to Ravelry queue (click here to ravelry)

See you tomorrow for round 5 & 6!

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