Haneen's Lovely Flower

Finally, my flower for #365daysofcrochetflowers blooming in @thecrochethookup !! 

@thecrochethookup is a crochet community where we make a flower each day until it reaches 365 flowers (1 years!) 

The idea came from Emily Littlefair and she has made 91 flower! Then, with Natasha, they make this community to continue the blooming flower. We design the flowers and testing it in our group before it releases.

Aaaand this is my flower for day 105.

I named this flower "Haneen's Lovely Flower" because the center of the flower looks like many hearts. And Haneen is my daughter's name, and she loves pink very much.

Haneen's Lovely Flower

Designer : Inas Basymeleh
Skill level : Easy-medium 
Material : 3 colors of yarn with suitable needle.

Abbreviation (US term)
ch - chain
sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
dc inc - double crochet increase (in 1 space)
fptr - front post triple crochet
popcorn st - 
popcorn stitch
jss - join slip stitch
slst - slip stitch
sp - space
sk - skip
rnd - round
col - (yarn) color 
For standing stitch, if you prefer to use ch(s), make 3 ch for dc

Pattern :

Rnd 1 : Col A. In magic ring, ch 3 (count as a dc), 11 dc in ring, jss to top of ch 3. (12 dc) 

Rnd 2 : ch 1, sc in same sp, ch 3, *sk 1, sc in next sp, ch 3* repeat from * around, jss to first sc. Fasten off. (6 sc, 6 ch-3 sp) 

Rnd 3 : Col B. -The ch-1 that closes the popcorn st counted in st count- Make first popcorn st in any ch-3 sp by making standing dc, 4 dc inc in same sp, and make popcorn st as usual, ch 4, pop st in same sp, ch 2, *(popcorn st, ch 4, popcorn st) in next ch-3 sp, ch 2* repeat from * around, jss to top of first popcorn st. Fasten off (12 popcorn st, 6 ch-4 sp, 6 ch-2 sp) 

Rnd 4 : Col C. In any ch-4 sp, make (standing dc, 2 dc inc, ch 3, slst in same sp, ch 3, dc 3 inc), fptr around sc in rnd 2, *(3 dc inc, ch 3, slst in same sp, ch 3, 3 dc inc) in next ch-4 sp, fptr around sc from rnd 2* repeat from * around, jss to first dc. Fasten off. (6 tr, 6 petal)

To see more pattern, you can see here or find it in instagram with hashtag #inascraftpattern
And don't forget to tag me @inas.craft if you make this little one ❤️

Happy crocheting!

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